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Epoxy and Fiberglass Cloth To Complete Your Project

Skin-It Epoxy
Laminating and Finshing System

Skin-it Epoxy is the best long cure low viscosity adhesive you can ever wish to use. Skin-it works great with both balsa and glass skins, and is perfect for vacuum bagging. Skin-it also makes a marvelous finishing resin that sands very easily. It is a must to help you get the show plane look you want. Pot life is 30 minutes, giving you time to make adjustments. The mix rate is a 4 to1 but is very forgiving.

8 oz kit: $20.00

16 oz kit: $35.00

standard shipping: $15.00

Fiberglass Cloth
Top Quality Matierals

Do you need fiberglass cloth? Matney Models sells it in 5 different weights in lenghts to meet your needs, and we offer a discounted price for lots of 10 yards or more. This material is the same glass I use on all of the models I build, and it is the best on the market today.

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Fiberglass Cloth


Price Per Yard

3 Yard Lot


3/4 oz.



50 inches

2 oz.



38 inches

3.9 oz crow



38 inches

7.0 oz.



38 inches

10 oz.



60 inches

Appropriate Shipping Charges Added To Fiberglass Orders

Flight Box
Light Weight and Compact

Our field box is designed to hold your flying essentials, without a lot of bulk. Designed originally as a racing box, it easily accomodates your starter, battery, and basic tools. This kit includes CNC router cut aircraft plywood parts and features quick and easy interlocking assembly.

Flight Box: $30.00

standard shipping: $15.00

Easy-UP Flight Box
Helps you stand up!

Do you ever need that little extra bit of leverage to stand up after starting your engine? This box can help. The sturdy design includes thicker plywood uprights and the handle is about 4 inches taller than or regular field box. Gives you added leverage and stability to assist in standing up.

Easy-UP Flight Box: $35.00

standard shipping: $15.00


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